How Our Weight Loss Method Works

Ideal Protein is a medically supervised and coached, four phase, partial meal replacement program. The first phase is a weight loss phase in which you will be consuming three of our meal replacements day: a breakfast, a lunch, and a snack. We have nearly 80 different delicious foods to choose from! You will also be consuming your own vegetables and lean protein. When followed properly, you are not hungry and have great energy levels! The duration of Phase 1 is determined by the amount of weight you'd like to lose.  Most people lose 10-12 pounds per month. Once you have achieved your goal weight, determined by you and your personal weight loss coach, you will move into Phase 2.  

Phases 2 and 3 are each just two weeks long and very slowly reintroduce your own foods into your breakfast and lunch.  During these phases weight loss stabilizes and your body adjusts to new foods.  We teach how much and what kinds of real, whole foods to eat at each meal. We work with you, your preferences and your lifestyle to find what works best for you.

In Phase 4, which is our Maintenance Protocol, we continue to assist you in maintaining your new weight. We have a proven and successful plan for helping you keep the weight off.  We'll see you through holidays, vacations, life changes, reaching for new fitness goals, and we'll be there for you through setbacks to help you keep your new shape and stay healthy.  We're your partner as long as you like.  The Ideal Protein weight loss method has a beginning and an end, so that you can set, achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.


What To Expect

Weekly one-on-one coaching visits with an experienced and knowledgeable professional to help educate and guide you on your journey through weight loss and weight maintenance. We offer the mentoring and support you value in order to achieve your goals. 

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